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Quarterly Bulletin

July 2024

The COMMUTE project investigates the link between COVID-19 and neurodegenerative diseases and includes five work packages. WP1 handles project management, communication, and dissemination of results. WP2 creates and integrates knowledge graphs and manages data. WP3 uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to model the risks of neurodegenerative diseases. WP4 focuses on clinical research and in vitro models to study the mechanisms. Brain organoids and blood-brain barrier models are used. WP5 addresses ethical and legal aspects. The project aims to develop personalized risk assessments and new therapeutic approaches.

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Bonn Science Night 2024:
COMMUTE Project engages public in vibrant discussions

May 17, 2024

The Bonn Science Night, held biennially since 2000, showcases exciting hands-on science in the city's heart. Scheduled for May 16-17, 2024, this 14th edition, themed "Freigeist," aligns with events celebrating "75 years of the national constitution – Democracy made in Bonn."

Fraunhofer SCAI showcased the COMMUTE project, among others. Visitors showed great interest in the research project, leading to engaging discussions between citizens and researchers.

© Fraunhofer SCAI
© Martin Magunia, Stadt Bonn
© Martin Magunia, Stadt Bonn